Hi there! Thanks for visiting. My name is Linsey, and I love all things food- ESPECIALLY Cookbooks.  Here on Lulu’s Log Cabin Kitchen I hope to share my love for cookbooks, some honest reviews of the books I am cooking through, some recipes I love, and much more.

Linsey Sowa from Lulu's Kitchen
Linsey Sowa from Lulu’s Kitchen

I have always loved to cook, and a few years ago when coming up against one of many re-evaluations of my life and career path (ongoing) I chose to go to culinary school. While I enjoyed my year there- it just was not for me, and I never quite finished the program. I kept cooking at home regularly; often being asked to “cater” small family events, make a cake for a graduation party, or make dinner for a friends birthday.

I found and fell in love with a cookbook club and starting hosting dinners for friends and family using the recipes from the books the club was working through. I know that it is my calling to share my passion for food on a greater scale- so here I am- sharing my culinary adventures with all of you.

A bit of personal info about me: Lulu is a nickname my Aunt has been using since I was just a little nugget. She is the only one who regularly refers to me as Lulu, but heck Lulu’s Kitchen sounds like a much more interesting name for the blog than Linsey’s Kitchen! I am in my mid(ish) 30’s and I live in a log cabin home (hence the web address).

The cabin was built by my parents in the late 70’s and I am happy to call it my home today! I live with my boyfriend Joe and our rescue dog Taz, about 30 miles Southwest of Chicago. You will see Joe now and again assisting me with reviews, cooking alongside me, and who knows maybe even contributing here a bit himself. I just left my full time office career to find a new path, hopefully here sharing with all of you.

Disclaimer: Well, more like lack of disclaimer…. I do not get paid by anyone to write about books, products, restaurants, etc. All opinions are my own, and if anything changes or varies from this I will be sure to let you know! Every now and again I write for Food52, and I do get paid a modest sum to moderate the Food52 Facebook Cookbook and Baking Clubs.

Last of all, if you have questions- ASK! I love to talk about food and food related things, and after all I am writing this for you. Please feel free to contact me via email at luluslogcabinkitchen@gmail.com.