Hi there! Linsey here. Thanks for visiting Lulu’s Log Cabin Kitchen. My boyfriend Joe and I decided to start this blog to document our culinary adventures. It has actually been something we have talked about since early in our relationship, which began in July of 2014. Finally, in the excitement of the New Year we pledged to make 2016 the year of the blog! And now here we are!

See, I have always been interested in food and in cooking. One brave day I decided to sign up for culinary school. Unfortunately while my love for food stuck, culinary school did not. Yes ladies and gents, I am a culinary school drop out. Sigh… It is difficult figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, and sometimes it takes a few tries. Currently I hold a full time position as a Town Clerk. I was actually elected to the job, and I really do enjoy it. I do something new and different daily. What will I be when I grow up? Well for now the jury is still out, but stay tuned and perhaps we will all find out!

Anywho, Joe moved in with my roommates and I about a year ago. We have many four- legged & furry roommates, and two two- legged and less furry ones, also known as my parents. They built the log cabin we all share over thirty years ago, and I must say it was pretty interesting to grow up in a log cabin. Joe and I are saving for a place of our own, but for now, the cabin in the south west Chicago suburbs remains our home.

As far as the blog goes, most if not all the writing you see here is mine, as are the photos. The rugged hands you see in the shots belong to Joe. For the purpose of the blog he serves as the primary chef. Don’t fear,  I have imparted my culinary knowledge to him over the past year. Some of the recipes are of his creation or mine, and most of our recipes are influenced by the chefs whose books we read, TV shows we watch, blogs and Instagram accounts we drool over, and dishes we have eaten! We are a bit obsessed with food, in all it’s mediums.

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Thanks for reading- Lulu